i want to ride my bicycle

[twitter]Remember when you were first married, or dating? When you first met your spouse and how much nookie was going on?

That’s my son and his new found bike riding skills. He wants it all. the. time.

I’m not going to say he’s an addict, but he loves his new found freedom and ability.

This weekend we did it three times in one day. Before breakfast we packed up and headed down to the pathways by the river. I went for a 5k run, he rode beside me. Then before lunch I took both boys for a 2k ride and tour of the local playgrounds near our house. Then before dinner, he wanted to go again and so we did a little bit of ‘mountain biking’ on some trails. All told, about 10k in one day for the kid, and a beg to go and do it again after dinner too.

I can’t keep up with this bunny. It’s going to be great motivation to keep me out running to chuck the chunk.

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