[twitter]This Throwback Thursday I will dial the clock back a few years, and then back even further. We’ll visit 2010, 2012, and 1984 and span a couple of generations checking out the beautiful never changing colour of Lake Louise.

In the summer of 1984, my family drove from Vancouver to Montreal for my aunt’s wedding. Once we were there we made the return trip with my grandparents in tow. Heading east we took the southern route in just a few days to get to the wedding. Heading west, we went through Canada and took our time, making a summer vacation of it.

My mom has been organizing her closets recently and discovered a photo album from that summer. The photos from the the time we spent in the Rockies are most intriguing to me as I know live in the shadows of those same mountains.

So, for #throwbackthursday, here’s a look at then, and now:

dadcamp fire

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