Contributor Guidelines

While we have a roster of regular DadCAMP writers, there is always room around the fire for GuestCAMPers to add insight, share stories and grow the conversation.


1. Posts must be the original work of, and owned by, the author.

2. You can submit something you’ve published to your own blog or another site, but only if you own the total rights to the work.

3. You retain all rights to your work.

4. Guest blogs are written on a voluntary basis, there is no compensation other than the exposure you receive and the conversation you create.

5. You can write about whatever parenting topic you’d like, either telling a story, offering insight or looking for advice.

6. If you’re stuck on a submission idea, why not tell us about your Best Day Ever with you and your kid(s) or you with your grandfather or father. As long as one male parent was involved, after all this is DadCAMP, we’d like to hear the story.

7. All submissions will be considered but not all may be published. If your piece is chosen for publication you will be notified in advance.

8. A photo reflecting the theme of your piece is also requested. This must be a photo to which you own the copyright or has an appropriate Creative Commons license for commercial use.

9. The photo dimensions should not be smaller than 630×250.

10. Only one photo is needed, but if you feel more are appropriate then submit them with your piece.

11. The editors of DadCAMP reserve the right to modify and edit your piece before publication to fit with the standards of the website.

12. You will be notified of any changes made before publication and have the right to not have the piece published should you disagree with proposed changes.

13. Please also include a short 3 sentence bio about your family, your kids, what you do and where you can be reached (twitter, website etc)

If you agree to the above terms, please feel free to submit your articles to our editor.

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