Best Dad Blogs Of The Week: Dadurday

[twitter]Each week I try to link around to some of the best work Dads are putting out there. While not always getting the same celebratory attention that Mommy Bloggers demand, Dad Bloggers are still putting out some damn fine story telling and writing.

Here’s some of the best Dad Blog posts of the week for you to read on what will now be known as Dadurday – because that’s what it sounds like when a toddler talks with their mouth full.

Dear Parents Who Are Panicking About Secret Stalker-Friendly GPS Data Embedded In Every Photo Of Your Child: Stop it. Just stop it.
A viral post on Facebook this week about how location services works for photos has set the Moms in many feeds into a tizzy. Here’s the thing – the story is 3 years old. No matter, many a parent was rabidly sharing the WARNING!!!! across their feeds all week. Daddy Doctrines offers up a sober look at what parents need to do. Remember the CTFD post from earlier this summer? This is that. Stop being panicked. Understand the technology you use, and if it freaks you out, stop sharing it. Simple.

Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex
You had sex to make your kids. You had sex with a woman, likely. That woman had likely had sex with someone other than you before she met you. People have sex. Teenagers have sex. It’s natural. A post by Ferret Steinmetz on The Good Men Project is a beautifully written, slap in the face for Dads (and Moms) of daugthers. Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex works to dispell the stereotypes that virginity is something taken by a man, but rather sex is something shared between two people. He elegantly asks her to respect herself and then enter the world of adulthood to experience truly wonderful, healthy, positive sexual experiences. If you’ve got tweens, you need to get your head around the concept quickly.

Have You Lost Control of Your Family Photos?
What are you doing with all the photos you’re taking of your kids? Do you put them in books? Do you sync them to Flickr, Picasa, G+, or somewhere else? Crazy Dad Life offers up some basic reminders to get you to have a prime storage spot, learn to delete unimportant photos, and have a designated family member act as the photo collector. As summer winds down, this post is a great reminder that while we may be preserving a lot of our kids’ memories, we need to remember to put them in a place where we can find them later.

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