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DadCAMP is a site for conversations about men as parents. The blog entries are written by Dads, but our focus isn’t just at Dads. The site is accessible for all parents wanting to share stories about their kids, discover new things to do with their family and get tips and tricks to navigate the parenting minefield.


I do branded campaigns in exchange for donations to Team Diabetes Canada and have raised in excess of $100 000 for Diabetes Canada since 2007.

In 2015 I was appointed Southern Alberta Regional Chair of Diabetes Canada and am committed to raising awareness and funds to better the health of Canadians.


As an early adopter of technology and social media, I have spread my social wings to create a tribe of more than 58,000 followers (as of Sept ’19) across a variety of social media platforms.

twitter6.4k @dadcamp 12.4k @buzzbishop facebook2.7k /dadcamp 3k /buzzbishop instagram3.5k 12.1k @buzzbishop
pinterest200 /dadcamp 8k /buzzbishop youtube250 /DadCAMPTube 9.2k /z953buzz

cyberbuzz media content reached more than 6.3M in 2018!

As a legacy media veteran, I understand advertising rules and standards. I do not participate in link pods, quid pro quo commenting, sharing circles, purchasing of engagement, followers, or any other shady tactics employed by many influencers.

I do not create cut-and-paste content. I pride myself on creating engaging, shareable stories where the brand is a tangential part of the process.  Native content on my site reads just like the other stories and adventures I naturally tell.

My content is original, authentic, and the engagement you see is legitimately earned.


Here are some DadCAMP brand partners and the content produced for them. I have worked with brands like General Mills, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Subaru, Tangerine, RBC, Direct Energy, Scotts, Netflix and more.

Product Features

My blog network will feature product news and reviews by myself and/or my family. We have worked with SC Johnson, Kobo, Hot Wheels, Dell, LEGO, Hasbro and others. Reviews and announcements partnered with giveaways is a great way to bring attention and traffic to your product.

Recently I did a campaign with Michael Hill Jewellers. As my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, I worked with Michael Hill Jewellers to pull off a re-proposal to my wife in the same spot we were engaged – the top of the Eiffel Tower!

The campaign featured a live instagram feed, stories, frames, tweets, Facebook posts, and a blog post.

cosmosFox Home Entertainment commissioned DadCAMP for a video to coincide with the launch of COSMOS on DVD. The idea was to have your kids explain a scientific theory the way only kids can. Living in Alberta, near the largest deposit of Cretaceous period dinosaurs on earth, I took my kids (and their dinosaur costumes) and created some playful and engaging content in the heart of a World Heritage Site.

Brand Ambassadorship

I have worked with Real Canadian Superstore on consecutive campaigns to promote their brand to a wider audience. My content is consistently engaging and highlighted for its creativity and on-point brand messaging.

lmdLife Made Delicious is a lifestyle site from General Mills. DadCAMP was the only dad on the roster of bloggers sharing recipe ideas, and lifestyle stories about the products. 4 posts are produced each month and range from important snacks to take while waiting in line at the LEGO store to foods you can cook for that big event, this big game, or the other big game. One video that especially impressed the client was trying to substitute Peanut Butter Cheerios for peanut butter in everyday situations.

I have more than 25 years experience in broadcast media and more than 20 years experience in online media. I understand how the two media worlds are different and how they can be used together to raise brand awareness.

I am available to advocate for your brand as a spokesperson to demonstrate products on television programs, as an interview guest on radio, or to present keynotes at conferences and trade shows. I have worked CES hosting content for Future Shop / Best Buy.

I have produced weekly segments for Global News and Breakfast Television, and I have been a guest on CTV and CBC.

I have also worked as an ambassador on longer term campaigns for brands like Peloton, Mark’s, Real Canadian Superstore, Netflix, Best Buy, Hyundai Canada, TELUS, Peekaboo Beans, Scotts, and Sport Chek.

Press/FAM Trips

Press trips are a great way to work together for mutual benefit. Being able to personally experience what you have to offer, I can then share this with my readers to give them a clear picture of your services. It is an effective and easy way to reach out to your targeted market.

I worked with Disney Canada to highlight their Halloween season, producing a series of videos starring my son, as well as Instagram posts, and blogs.

I have also worked with Tourism Idaho, Tourism Jasper, Expedia, Canadian Badlands, Visit Medicine HatVisit Gold Coast, Pursuit Collectionand Alberta Parks on travel related campaigns. Please contact me for more information.

Public Speaking

Through my nearly 30 year radio career, I have had opportunity to emcee everything from a Britney Spears concert to award ceremonies to corporate breakfast launches.

I have been on roundtables, panels, and have conducted interview sessions with artists like Christina Aguilera, Mick Jagger, Janet Jackson, Rob Thomas, No Doubt, and Beyonce. I’m comfortable on stage in front of a crowd and have been asked to speak on a variety of topics ranging from popular culture to technology and trends to parenting.

dad 2.0 summit, buzz bishop
Speaking at Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego


I am a regular quote for CNN and my stories have been chat fodder on The View, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and The Bert Show. My content has been referenced in The Daily Mail, CBC, Global Television, Perezitos, Maclean’s, Slate, and more. My stories and content get noticed.

Here’s a list of articles I have been featured in. Buzz Bishop headshot 2017

My Instagram content has also been shared and repurposed by brands like Ancestry, Explore Canada, Tourism Alberta, Canmore Kananaskis, Air Rarotonga and others.


“Buzz Bishop is the perfect collision of two media worlds. He has built a thriving career in traditional media, while at the same creating communities in the social space and becoming a pace-setter in new media.” – Steve Jones, VP/Programming Stingray Radio, Author “Brand Like A Rock Star”

“Buzz Bishop *is* a social network. He lives and breathes in the tech world 24/7 and knows how to build an engaged community around technology, social networking, and everything pop culture.” – Tod Maffin, President, engageQ Digital

“[Buzz Bishop] links to his always-compelling pieces about modern fatherhood… If you’re looking for think pieces and hot topics, this is your man.” – Shelley White, The Huffington Post

“[Buzz] Bishop is an information addict and pop-culture junkie — but you could also call him a media artist. He sucks up cultural information, reorganizes it into a dazzling format that makes listeners laugh and makes them feel smart.” – The Vancouver Sun


DadCAMP was picked by as one of the Top 50 Dad Blogs.

Huffington Post picked @dadcamp as one of the Best Parenting Tweeters In Canada

Cision Navigator, a Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing resource for top media contacts, has picked DadCAMP as one of the most influential Dad Blog Brands in Canada. has chosen DadCAMP‘s founder and editor, Buzz Bishop, as one of the Top 25 Canadian Parents to follow on Twitter.

Named to LifeScoop‘s Top 10 Wired Dad Blogs.


So, what do you think? Can we work together? Hit me up dadcampmail [at] gmail [dot] com

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