Dad 2.016 SummitDadCAMP founder Buzz Bishop is an experienced media professional. He’s a radio host at XL 103 in Calgary, and has been on the dial for more than 25 yrs.

He has contributed a parenting column, also called DadCAMP, for the Calgary Herald and has written for print publications such as 24hrs, The Vancouver Sun, and Canadian Running Magazine.

Digitally, he has contributed to Daily Hive, The Huffington, Yahoo!Shine, Yummy Mummy Club, The Good Men Project, and Man Of The House. This is in addition to running his own blogs at The Blog According to Buzz, cyberbuzz,and DadCAMP.

Buzz has also appeared on City TV, Global Television, and YTV as a regular columnist. He is also a sought after expert for local news media when parenting or tech stories break.

You can view the complete media kit here.

Dad 2 Summit 2017

Here are just some of the parenting related articles Buzz Bishop has been interviewed for or featured in:

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What today’s Dads across Canada worry about for their kids – CBC, June 11, 2019
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Parental Burnout: It’s Really A Thing – CNN, May 9, 2017
8 Dad Bloggers Who Really Get This Parenting Thing – The Baby Post, April 14, 2017
Calgary advocate talks #Diabetes21 for Diabetes Awareness Month – Metro, November 25, 2016
Parents find campaign offers teachable moments to discuss sexual assault – CNN, October 19, 2016
Dads who write on fatherhood share their fears, lessons and best moments – Globe and Mail, June 16, 2016
Gorilla tragedy: Why are we so quick to blame the parents? – CNN, June 1, 2016
Parenting debate: Should a 9-year-old reporter cover a homicide? – CNN, April 7, 2016
Your Politics Don’t Translate To Your Kids – CNN, December 15, 2015
My Son Stole Money And Lied About It – Yahoo Parenting, September 12, 2015
12 Back-to-School Traditions You’ll Want to Steal – Real Simple, August 15, 2015
Get grilling with dad for Father’s Day – Calgary Herald, June 19, 2015
Survey says teens skip birth control because they fear parental judgment – CNN, May 7, 2015
The Mother’s Day gift every woman wants: Time alone – Globe and Mail, May 6, 2015
Older Parents Face “Grandparent Deficit” – CNN, April 28, 2015
Facebook Users From Birth: Why Some Kids Are Already Online – ABC News, March 5, 2015
Dad blogger’s death prompts renewed push to rename ‘Amazon Mom’ – CNN, March 5, 2015
Mad dads take on Amazon Mom – Marketwatch, March 4, 2015
Hover Stories: Buzz Bishop – Hover, February, 2015
Put that iPhone down! And 14 other digital resolutions for 2015 – CNN, January 7, 2015
Brutally Honest: Is it OK to be naked in front of your kids? – CNN, December 16, 2014
Parents and politicians hoping kids will get more active – Global Calgary, December 11, 2014
It’s raining bears! – Mail Online, December 9, 2014
Is the ‘be a man’ stereotype hurting boys – CNN, October 31, 2014
No more homework: Growing movement, especially early on, to ban after-school assignments – National Post, September 5, 2014
Mom arrested for leaving 9-year-old alone at park – CNN, July 21, 2014
Sorry to ask but … do women apologize more than men? – CNN, June 26, 2014
Parents say banning chasing games at school is ‘silly’ – CBC, June 13, 2014
Calgary teacher’s letter says students need to ‘stop chasing games’ at recess – Metro, June 12, 2014
4 daddy blogs you should be reading – Canadian Living, June 2014
Family happiness: Do parents expect too much? – The Globe and Mail, February 6, 2014
‘Economically worthless but emotionally priceless’: Children don’t make you happy, but can still be rewarding, expert says – The National Post, January 25, 2014
Buzz Bishop Cheerios Photo: Calgary Dad Issues Photo Contests Warning – Huffington Post, September 18, 2013
Calgary Father Feels Cheated By Son’s Image On Cheerios Box – Calgary Herald / The Province, September 18, 2013
Parents Behaving Badly – National Post, June 5, 2013
Parenting Advice From 5 Daddy Bloggers – The Globe and Mail, May 23, 2013

DadCAMP featured in the Globe and Mail

Calgary: It’s time to start caring about school trustee elections – Metro, March 25, 2013
10 Notable Calgarians and their Favourite Restaurant Dishes – Avenue Magazine, March 1, 2013
‘I have a favourite son and I’m not ashamed to admit it’: Dad blogger – Globe and Mail, September 20, 2012
Does reality show Honey Boo Boo mock or celebrate the poor? – Calgary Herald, August 14, 2012
Mommy Bloggers are gaining clout, and retailers are taking notice – The Globe and Mail, August 9, 2012
From the trenches: Words of social media wisdom – The Globe and Mail, August 2, 2012
Marathoners globetrotting for a good cause – Montreal Gazette, August 1, 2012
Top 10 Canadian Dad Blogs On Twitter – Cision Navigator, June 4, 2012
Wanted: People Who Can Actually Write, Edit – Postmedia, March 31, 2012
Radio Host Loves Calgary Special – Calgary Herald, February 24, 2012
Top 25 Canadian Parents On Twitter – Canadian Parents Magazine
A Parents Elf Help Guide For The Holidays – The Globe and Mail, December 1, 2011
Steve Jobs’s Words Live On in Cyberspace – The Montreal Gazette, October 6, 2011

DadCAMP content has also been discussed on Good Morning AmericaPerez Hilton’s PerezitosABCInquisitrThe Bert ShowCNNHLN TVMashableThe Globe and MailGlobal NewsFox and Friends, CBC, MetroParent, MSN, Yahoo!Maclean’sExaminerSlateJezebel, Inside EditionThe Australian Women’s WeeklyThe Baltimore SunHello MagazineFox NewsThe Huffington PostCTVCBS This MorningFox and FriendsGlobal TelevisionThe Daily MailRadar OnlineThe Arizona RepublicConan O’BrienAOL, and more.


While the DadCAMP community efforts create bonds amongst Dads, the content on this Canadian daddy blog is always provocative and conversation starting. Buzz is a free-thinking writer who has no problem sharing his successes, failures, and sometimes controversial questions about parenting.

DadCAMP’s honest and straightforward style has been a starting point for discussion on parenting issues by media around the world.

DadCAMP articles have been discussed on:

Good Morning AmericaPerez Hilton’s PerezitosABCInquisitrThe Bert ShowCNNHLN TVMashableThe Globe and MailGlobal NewsFox and Friends, CBC, MetroParentJezebel, MSN, Yahoo!Maclean’sExaminerSlateInside EditionThe Australian Women’s WeeklyThe Baltimore SunHello MagazineFox NewsThe Huffington PostCTVCBS This MorningFox and FriendsGlobal TelevisionThe Daily MailRadar OnlineThe Arizona RepublicConan O’BrienAOL, and more.


The Vancouver Sun called DadCAMP’s Buzz Bishopan information addict and pop-culture junkie — but you could also call him a media artist. He sucks up cultural information, reorganizes it into a dazzling format that makes listeners laugh and makes them feel smart.

Cision Navigator, a Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing resource for top media contacts, has picked DadCAMP as one of the most influential Dad Blog Brands in Canada.  Cision has named @DadCAMP one of the 10 Canadian Dads worth following on Twitter.

Huffington Post named @DadCAMP one of 15 Best Parenting Tweeters (and the only Dad on the list with 14 Moms.) “He links to his always-compelling pieces about modern fatherhood, as well as intriguing content from around the web,” the site noted. “If you’re looking for think pieces and hot topics, this is your man.”

DadCAMP was picked to‘s list of 50 Best Dad Blogs (at #16) “It’s not just Bishop’s provocative candor that keeps us coming back to DadCAMP,” Babble noted,“it’s the practical tips, too.”

currumbin has chosen DadCAMP‘s founder and editor, Buzz Bishop, as one of the Top 25 Canadian Parents to follow on Twitter.

Named to First Site Guide‘s list of Best Daddy Bloggers To Follow.

Named to Voicebok‘s list of Top 50 Dad Blogs.

Named to LifeScoop‘s Top 10 Wired Dad Blogs.

Named BrighterLife‘s Family Award winner as one of the top family writers in Canada.

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