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The World’s Worst Fisherman

I am the World’s Worst Fisherman. It’s easy to prove, just sit next to me on a shoreline or watch me try to tie a knot. I can’t do it. I can. however, appreciate time with my kids.

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Beaches Are The Best

The absolutely most perfect place to spend a day is the beach. Aspen Beach at Gull Lake features a long shallow shoreline where kids can run and play. Bring the buckets and shovels and sit on the grass while they dig and build and collaborate for hours. Too bad it took until the last weekend of summer for me to discover it.

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I Suck At Camping

I suck at camping. Yes, I know my blog’s name is DadCAMP but that has more to do with being a geek than being an outdoorsmen. The plan was to go camping with the boys this weekend and it quickly went sour. I like the quiet of camping, not the party. Others had a different idea.

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