So the signing guy at Mandela‘s memorial was a fake, but Claire Koch is the real deal. She’s 5. She’s in kindergarten. Her parents are deaf and sign language was the first language Claire learned.

While her classmates do ‘hand gestures,’ watch as this girl signs Christmas Concert for her deaf parents. Prepare to melt. It is beyond cute.

In other news, schools still have “Christmas concerts!!”

Charlie’s school has more of a winter celebration. They do fun and festive songs and the kindergarten kids sing-a-long in a presentation for the parents. Much like what Claire signed for her parents except a little more “neutral” in language.

Zacharie’s school experience has taken the neutrality a step further. His class has no concert, no mention of Santa, no Christmas decorations in the classroom. Nothing.

He’s in Grade 1 and the teacher says they’re not bringing the season in to the classroom out of respect for the kids who don’t celebrate Christmas.

I understand, and at the same time I’m disappointed. Canada is a multicultural place with many celebrations from different nations. They talked about Ramadan in Zacharie’s classroom, but no Santa. Our tolerance has bent so far that we are now bending over backwards for the intolerant. Bringing your culture to Canada means us accepting yours and you accepting ours. It’s a two way street.

So while I am fine with religious imagery not being in the classroom, a big fat man with a sack full of presents for girls and boys around the world is an agnostic tradition everyone can celebrate.

Here’s Charlie’s Christmas Winter Concert video:

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  1. Nico1e December 13, 2013 at 2:22 am

    “a big fat man with a sack full of presents for girls and boys around the world is an agnostic tradition everyone can celebrate.”

    -AGREED!! Multiculturalism is something that should be embraced, not ignored. And I’m a teacher 😀 I was so happy to see Santas and Dreidels and Snowmen and Christmas Trees in the elementary school I taught at today. It made my heart all warm and fuzzy, and the kids were all bringing in 25 cents for Free the Children. The spirit of giving = Le awesome. And with that, this Jewish girl is off to Israel for a month, so y’all can think about me on Christmas Day, because I’ll be riding a camel in the Israeli desert. I told my grade 10’s the other day that it was what I’d be doing on Christmas, and one of my (cheeky) students said (truthfully) “Madame! You should put a Santa Hat on your camel’s head!” And my reply? “BEST IDEA EVERRRRR!!!”

    That kid is getting a photo of Madame Me with my Star of David necklace riding a Camel wearing a Santa Hat near Bethlehem on Christmas Day. I’m dropping it off at his school when I get back and I’m grinning just imagining his reaction when he sees it. CELEBRATE ALL TEH HOLIDAYS

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