2013 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar - Dropship

[twitter]The daily offerings from the 2013 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar have all been great so far. While I think I like the color and shape of the Koro-2 the best, they’ve all been great to learn about and build.

Today’s Dropship build was really cool. It has a great shape and style and I was excited to learn more about it and share with the boys until I learned it’s actually, kind of, really just a generic supply ship.

Cool looking ship. Lame gig.

via Wookiepedia
“A dropship (or drop ship) was any craft designed to transport infantry, droids, supplies, or vehicles to the surface of a planet, either for peaceful purposes or in the case of planetary assaults. Dropships were commonly deployed from starships capable of atmospheric flight or landing. Most dropships lacked hyperdrives and boasted relatively few armaments or defenses.”

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