It can be an exciting time when you realize you want to start living a healthier lifestyle. You talk it out and plan to go to the gym or start running the next day. However, staying on track with your fitness goals is easier said than done. From tempting snacks to busy workdays, it can be challenging to make it to the finish line of your fitness journey.

If you’ve been struggling to reach your fitness goals, this list is for you. Use the seven tips below to help you remain motivated as you work toward completing your health objectives.

1. Be realistic

Having unrealistic standards makes it easier to lose motivation and stray from your fitness goals. For example, you may have been expecting to lose a significant amount of weight after one week of going to the gym consistently. However, that’s rarely the case. While visible progress can take months to achieve, don’t let it deter you from your plans.

2. Don’t go alone

You don’t have to start your fitness journey alone. Taking a friend or relative with you to the gym or on your daily runs can make exercising more enjoyable. Plus, they’ll be able to keep you accountable whenever you feel like quitting or want to stray from your routine.

If you don’t have a loved one that’s into fitness, you can also remain accountable with a metabolic health coach that can ensure you’re making progress in the direction of your goals.

3. Create a schedule

Without a schedule, it’s easy to put off exercise routines for the next day. Combat this by establishing a fitness schedule that works best for you and stick with it. This way, time is blocked off in your calendar to exercise, making it an integral part of your life instead of something you have to do. You can purchase a physical calendar and place it somewhere you’ll see it daily or create reminders on your phone to help keep you on track.

4. Keep track of your nutrition

Junk food is everywhere, but if you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or simply eat healthier, these types of foods won’t do much for your goals. One way to steer clear of junk food is by keeping track of your nutrition in a food journal or mobile app. This way, you’ll be able to notice how often you’re indulging in unhealthy snacks and meals that curb your progress and prevent eating them altogether.

5. Reward yourself

While your end goal may be the ultimate reward, a reward system for meeting smaller goals along the way helps ensure you stay motivated. For example, if you lose 25 out of 50 pounds, you may treat yourself to a weekend getaway at the beach. You can reward yourself with whatever you want; just make sure it’s something that piques your interest and will keep you driven to succeed.

6. Take photos

As you venture onto your fitness journey, document your progress with photos. Not only will photos be able to capture your progress differently compared to the scale, but they’re also a great tool for motivation. This is because you’ll be able to physically see the progress you're making towards your goals, whether that’s weekly or monthly. Plus, pictures will give you something to look back on when you reach your fitness goals.

7. Don’t give up

Whatever your fitness goals are, the most important thing is not to give up. It’s not a big deal if you eat a donut when you’re running late to work or eat a few chips, as long as you find the strength to push through and pick up where you started. You’re human, after all. Be patient and forgive yourself when these things happen.

While it can be difficult to stay on track with your fitness goals, it’s possible. Remember why you started the journey in the first place and use the tips above to ensure you achieve what you set out to do.

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