When it comes to making improvements to your home or business, you need to start from the bottom up. That is, the floor. Says the professionals at Tri Point Flooring, a company that specializes in hardwood flooring in Raleigh, you cannot go wrong with a hardwood finish. These days, engineered hardwood and even luxury vinyl plank flooring are the preferred choices for many business and homeowners. Why? Because they enhance the beauty and quality of your spaces. They are also durable and a heck of an investment.

But man or woman does not live by hardwood and vinyl plank flooring alone. According to one recent article on interior design, when engineering the interior of a home or office space, a lot of attention goes into the choice of flooring material. The general trend for the upcoming 2022 building season is not to focus purely upon aesthetics but also durability. In other words, the floor you choose should remain “relevant” for many years to come.

That said, here are just a few of the top trending flooring covering materials for 2022 and

Parquet Flooring

Going all the way back to the 16 th century, parquet is said to have always been a practical floor covering solution precisely because its both durable and attractive. Recently, its popularity has resurfaced in both the commercial and residential construction marketplaces.

But in 2022, designers and architects seem to be shying away from more traditional red/orange flooring shades in exchange for colder, gray tones. “Grey is the new beige” is said to be a catch phrase for interior designers who prefer to go with “greige,” or a combination grey and beige, in both new and restorative construction projects.

The preferred method for laying a parquet floor are the chevron and herringbone patterns. However, in 2022 and beyond it looks like long engineered or prefabricated planks are a cost- effective solution to the old fashioned, labor intensive individual flooring pieces.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor remains one of the most budget friendly choices you can make for your home or office. It’s both easy to install and easy on the wallet. But that doesn’t make it any less attractive. According to Mydecortrends.com, when making repairs, the preferred choice is to go with semi-gloss laminates rather than glossy flooring.

Several new trends have hit the laminate market for 2022 including “aged plank effects,” whitewashed flooring, and patina. These varieties are said to add appeal to the floor without going out of their way to attract too much attention. Like the new parquet flooring, colder colors are encouraged these days.

Also like the parquet flooring, it’s become a popular choice to lay the laminate in a herringbone pattern which is said to add a certain sophistication to a space or spaces.

Porcelain Stoneware Flooring

Another trending floor material for 2022 is said to be porcelain stoneware. This product looks expensive but is entirely economical. Available in lots of different colors, you can also choose between a glossy or matte finish.

It’s number one drawback is that, like stone, it can be cold in the winter months which means it’s rather uncomfortable on bare feet. But if you don’t mind going the extra mile by installing an underfloor heating system, you can control the floor’s temperature.

Practically speaking, designers prefer the matte finish over the glossy, since the latter choice scratches a lot easier. Those scratches are also very difficult to get out. But porcelain is said to be going through a renaissance is popularity. It’s beautiful and so durable that once installed, you can pretty much set it and forget it for a minimum of five years.

Bleached Wood Flooring

While some people prefer a rustic, brown wood floor, others would rather go with something much softer and less rugged in appearance. Bleached wood flooring fits this bill in 2022. True to its name, this wood flooring is actually bleached with a chemical that erases much of the brown coloring.

Available in “Provence-style” and “classic home style,” bleached wood flooring is also a nice choice for the office.

Aged Timber and Concrete Flooring

One trend for 2022 is going with a worn flooring design. Worn floors have been around for a while now, but only in the 2020’s is it seeing a surge in popularity for both homeowners and business owners who love everything vintage. Thus, aged timber just might be the perfect choice for you.

But if you’re not into vintage wood floors, you might prefer an alternative finish like concrete and/or cement. Concrete is perfect the perfect solution for an industrial warehouse, loft-like, urban look.

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