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[twitter]Two weekends ago, Zacharie couldn’t ride a bike without training wheels, and Charlie insisted on riding a tricycle and being pushed. This weekend they were both riding in their first bike race.

Speed Theory has a great event before their downtown Criterium race. As they’re making the final preparations for the adults to do their ride, they open their course up for kids to take a lap. 3-6 yr olds, 7-10 yr olds, and 11-13 yr olds each line up and then blast around the course.

The Kids Crit is a free race where kids get a number for their bike, and a medal when they finish. It’s not timed, there are no standings, it’s just kids getting a chance to blast around a street course as fast as they can.

It’s a great way to get kids involved in competitive cycling, and a great carrot to dangle in front of a kid who has just learned to ride his bike. I told Zacharie about it when he was in Pedalheads, and he was determined to learn to ride a bike so he could race.

speed theory kids crit
After his week at Pedalheads, Zacharie was raring to go, and Charlie was convinced that a bike with training wheels beat the stink out of a push trike. The boys are hooked on cycling, and this race has been circled on the calendar with anticipation.

kids crit speed theory calgary bike race

kids crit speed theory calgary bike race

Z had a serious game face on for the ride, Charlie pedalled with glee, and the boys immediately asked to get back on their bikes the moment we got home.

They’re hooked.

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