[twitter]Kids let us reset our lives and relive those magical moments of youth. The times when anything is possible, being silly is required, and laughter is encouraged.

Think about it, you get to be a kid, you spend 20 yrs or so growing up, then you have kids and get to relive the magic. Another 20 yrs or so later you have grandchildren and get to do it one last time. Life gives you 3 shots and being a kid, what a gift.

I wrote a post for Babble.com recently about 18 Things We Miss About Being A Kid, a salute to what it means to feel like a kid again. While it’s a bit melancholy to remember magical moments of your youth like chasing the ice cream truck, or riding a roller coaster, the good news is when you have kids of your own, or borrow them from someone else, you have an excuse to do it all again.

Exhibit A: Our neighbours got a new Slip and Slide this weekend. After hearing howls of laughter from our boys and theirs in the backyard, I wandered over to chat with our neighbours.  Then, just as we were about to leave, I put myself at the end of the chute. I was wearing jeans and shirt, not a bathing suit.

Who cares? It was time to be a kid again. I handed my phone and wallet to my wife, and then dove in. Laughing, smiling, soaking wet. It’s great to be a kid again.dadcamp fire

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