snowflakes paper[twitter]It’s snowing today. A lot of snow.

About 25 cm will fall on this fine Sunday, which means apart from a 20 minute “let’s play in the snow” idea that went sideways fast because of the wind, and cold – we’ve been inside.

This will trust the patience of any parent, and expose their flaws completely.

How can you tell that my wife and I are both working parents? We can’t handle long stretches of being stuck with the kids.

I brag about how I am a not at home Dad. Even faced with 3 hours with the kids, I will head out snowshoeing, hiking, geocaching, whatever. I don’t like being at home with them. Mostly because I see a snow day as a chance to get some of my freelance writing projects done, while the boys just see it as a time to wrestle and poke each other.

There’s only so many times one can handle screaming “Stop touching him!” I’d love to give them a digital pacifier, but whether it’s an iPad, or a show on TV, they can’t sit still for that either. They squirm, run around, and pretty soon “Stop touching him!” is screamed.

So we took a few minutes this afternoon to go analog and try some other form of entertainment. Crafts. While I’d prefer to bake brownies, or cookies, or cakes with the boys, they wanted to make paper snowflakes.


I forgot how to make paper snowflakes. It shouldnt be a shock, I forgot how to play “Go Fish” too. I had to Google it, to get the directions. I’m terrible, or resourceful.

It’s all about perspective I guess.

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