Charlie goes camping

I absolutely promise this is the final time I will address this topic, but sometimes when you get in trouble in school, you have to write lines or an essay about the lessons you have learned.

While I will never take back the things I wrote in my post Admit It. I Have a Favorite Kid, I Do, I will concede some of the thoughtful commentary that came my way had me thinking twice and learning to balance the scales.

If you missed this webstorm last week, my post was picked up by everyone from Good Morning America to The Daily Mail to Fox and Friends to The Huffington Post to HLN to The Globe and Mail to Yahoo!

Much of the reaction was over-the-top and very negative. There were many calls for me to save money for my kid’s therapy, and there were demands my children be taken from me. The nicest name I was called was doofus (by Jezebel, no less).

While I consider much of the reaction a little much for such a mindless piece of “news” (I was actually bumped from Anderson by the kid who kissed Carrie Underwood), the reaction to the piece did have me purposely planning more one-on-one time with my youngest son.

This morning Norma left a great comment on my original Favorite Kid post. “You should write a blog about the things you love the most about your youngest boy and make it up to him ha! BTW your sons are absolutely adorable!

Great idea, Norma. The list of reasons Why Charlie Is My Other Favorite Kid follows after the jump.

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