Top 2016 Christmas Countdown Calendars

It’s about the surprise, it’s about a tiny little treat, it’s about anticipation, it’s just something small and simple to do to celebrate the season.

Call them Advent Calendars, call them Christmas Countdown Calendars, call them awesome. What started out as tiny little chocolates hidden behind doors of a winter scene has evolved into a robust industry across many styles and genres.

From makeup to martinis, check out this list:

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendars for 2016



LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2016 features Slave I, a TIE Interceptor, and an Imperial Landing Craft. It includes 8 mini figures including a snow white wookie! Weapons include Luke Skywalker’s Light saber, 2 blaster pistols, 3 blasters and a snow caster for adventures on Hoth, Tatooine, and Naboo.


LEGO City Town Advent Calendar features 24 different items, including buildings, vehicles, items and it includes 2 firefighters, a volcano worker, volcano adventurer, 2 ice hockey players and Santa, plus a dog.


LEGO Friends 2016 Calendar lets you collect 24 buildable surprises including musical instruments, microphone and DJ decks, a hamster, fireplace, snowman and ice skates.

Play Doh Advent Calendar

Play Doh’s Countdown Calendar features 24 secret doors hide a different surprise for each day of the season. Set includes 5 Play-Doh cans featuring 2 Sparkle cans to let your season shine.

Crayola Calendar

Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar is filled with 24 daily activties to keep you in the holiday spirit right up to the big day.

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

The Hot Wheels Advent Calendar reveals 24 surprises, including 8 Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 accessories.


Parallel 49 and Central City

Parallel 49 and Central City have teamed up again for the Seasons Greetings 24-Pack. This beer calendar will hit liquor stores in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in late October. It offers something for the beer enthusiast in everyone, from unique beer styles like sours, stouts, scotch ales, and porters, to tried and true classics like winter ales, IPAs, and pale ales.

Beeradvent Calendar

The 5th edition of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar features 24 unique, hand-picked, quality crafted beers with a theme of Old World Countries, New World Beers. Within this craft pack, expect to get your hands on some strong ales, imperial stouts, porters, bitters, blond ales and many more.


An advent calendar full of tequila!?! Oh yes my friends. In The Tequila Advent Calendar you’ll find 24x 3cl samples from a variety of leading and more artisanal producers, one behind each window! So, why not count down to a Blue agave Christmas this festive season?


New for 2016, Drinks by the Dram have introduced an Advent Calendar which is entirely dedicated to Scotch whisky! Within this handsome box you’ll find 24 different 3cl drams of whisky from Scotland, including single malts, single grains, blends and blended malts!


The Ginvent Calendar! Yes, the extraordinary advent calendar made especially for gin lovers is back for a fifth outing!


Fly Fishing Advent Calendar

This Fly Fishing Advent Calendar from Vancouver Island’s Allure Tackle Company is set in a waterproof fly box that offers hand-tied, fresh-water flies each morning until Christmas.

Dog Treat Advent Calendar

People aren’t the only ones who love getting a special treat each day. As we pamper our pets more each day, the Dog Treat Advent Calendar lets them get in on the Christmas countdown fun too.

Cookie Advent Calendar

This takes DIY Advent Calendar creating to the next level. This Cookie Advent Calendar is a cookbook where you can entertain with a fresh batch and new recipe each day.

Crackling Pork Advent Calendar

For those who choose savoury over sweet, this pork rind Advent Calendar from the UK not only tastes great, but comes with a wicked sense of humour. Order it soon to get it on time from overseas.



Godiva has a green box hiding 24 doors of chocolate treats.


Purdy’s is a Canadian favourite.



Countdown to the holidays in skin-loving style with The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar. This indulgent treat features a beauty surprise behind every door, from our best-selling bath and body products to sparkling fragrance, plus the latest additions in makeup and accessories.


Not every calendar is daily, this one from Benefit promises you will ROCK…with 12 bestsellers around the clock! Open this limited-edition set to play an original “Bene-song” then pop open each door for goodies galore. It’s priced to please & makes gifting a breeze!

L'Occitane Calendrier 2016

Discover L’Occitane’s homage to beauty. Treat yourself to a must-have skin care, bath and body, or hand care gift every day with this Advent calendar. Open all 24 château doors and find a surprise hidden behind each one.

Ciate Mini Mani

Ciaté‘s Mini Mani Nail Polish Set isn’t a traditional calendar, but it does offer 18 little treats and one full size bottle hidden behind the doors. Inside one box, you’ll find a special limited-edition surprise, alongside one mini treatment and two magical nail toppers—plus, a sneak peek of a new nail care product.


Top 2016 Advent Calendars

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