Charlie does everything on a different schedule than everyone else.

He arrived early, he started walking and talking late, he started school early, and today, at nearly 6 yrs 10 mos old, he finally lost his first tooth in Grade 2.

His tooth was so slow to pop that an adult tooth had already started to grow in a second row behind his front teeth. Charlie called it his “shark tooth” which fit, because his favourite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks.

He thought it would come out in the summer. He thought it would come out in the fall. We contemplated all the fun ways to pull out a loose tooth (like rockets, and rackets, and cars, and skateboards, but he wouldn’t bite).

So now, a few days before Halloween, he finally let us have a tug or two and .. le voila.

Afterward, Charlie started to try and whistle through his new hole. He was so excited to have finally lost his first tooth, he was bouncing around and proclaiming “my voice changed! I feel like I’m 8!”

These truly are the best years, guys. That magic 4-7 wheelhouse where they believe in the impossible, get excited by the simplest things, have hearts the size of the universe, give hugs, hold hands, and yet they can feed themselves and clean up after themselves too.

Charlie scribbled out a note to the Tooth Fairy asking for a very cool LEGO set he has been asking about for a while now. (We do it differently with the Tooth Fairy. You get a big present on the first tooth and then the rewards get smaller from there, with just a few coins left on the pillow for every other tooth).

Charlie letter to Tooth Fairy

This was a much easier tooth pulling session than the last time I tried to do it. lol

And now the tooth goes in the creepy shoebox that parents keep. The same creepy shoebox with the clippings from his first haircut that sits on top of the creepy shoebox with his brother’s teeth and hair.

Parenting is crazy. And awesome.

And it all happens too fast. Of course the first thing I did was dial up Zacharie’s video to watch his first lost tooth moment and saw this amazing picture of Charlie in awe of his brother’s achievement.

Charlie loses a tooth
Slow down, boys. Slow down.

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