If you have a child who is footy mad, and they have a birthday approaching, why not make their day extra special with a themed football party for them and their friends? A good party theme can really help get the fun started, and football makes a great theme as it can easily extend from costumes and decorations through to games and entertainment. At PartyWorld we are premier league party planners. Here is our guide to throwing a football themed children’s party.

Kick off

A strong party theme starts at the very beginning, with the invitations. Getting your child to help make their invites is a great way to focus their excitement. You can get creative too – perhaps utilizing an old collection of football cards to assign each attendee a player as their character; or keep it simple by making mini footballs or pitches from coloured card. Check out PartyWorld’s 3D soccer collection for pitch perfect pre-made invites that tie in perfectly with your party décor.

Kitted out

You could get everyone dressing up by inviting children to attend in their football kit. Some children might want to wear their fan gear for their favourite teams, but if not all children have this, you should provide some other ideas. Perhaps divide up your invites into imaginary teams, give them all a team colour, and ask them to come along wearing this. Then you can use these teams later on in the party when it comes to games. Or go one step further and use PartyWorld’s personalization service to provide a team strip t-shirt complete with their name for each child coming to your party!


Now that the anticipation is reaching fever pitch, you’ll want to ensure your party space lives up to the hype. Whether you are holding your gathering at home or in a hired space, you can make it fit for champions with a few simple touches. Party balloons are a must, and of course you can get football balloons from PartyWorld’s 3D soccer collection. Alternatively, you could hang up birthday balloons in your child’s team’s colours, accessorizing with football balloons along the way. Banners are a central feature of any good football stadium, so look to PartyWorld’s soccer collection to get the crowd cheering your party along. Your tablecloths can become mini football pitches, goal bunting can be strung along the walls, and you can have golden trophy shaped balloons to make your gathering a real win.

Football pinata

A pinata is always a great idea for a children’s party, and what better for a soccer themed event than a pinata shaped like a football? PartyWorld’s football pinata is a sure-fire high scorer, providing both entertainment and sweet treats for the whole team!

Table football

Once everyone has enjoyed your football pinata, it will be time to settle down to eat. Here you can really make the most of the football theme with PartyWorld’s selection of 3D soccer tableware. Football plates go perfectly with matching cups, napkins, tablecloths, and even party hats. Extend the fun into the food, by cooking up some football themed culinary creations – bake some football cookies or cupcakes; or get really creative and use matchsticks to assemble miniature players using cheese, tomato and cucumber.

The cake!

A birthday cake is an important centrepiece of the celebration, and the good news is a football themed cake is an easy one to pull off! Stay in your comfort zone by simply icing a standard shaped cake in the classic black and white design. Or get more adventurous with domed shapes or football pitch imitations. PartyWorld’s cake toppers can certainly help you score highly here – and their football candles are a must!

The Beautiful Game(s)

Entertainment shouldn’t be a problem at a football themed party. Divide your attendees into teams and get a match started! If you have a lot of children to organize, consider setting up a tournament, with small teams and shorter matches. You could introduce prizes and even a trophy for the winners! If this sounds like chaos, consider hiring in a company to run this part of the party for you – there are many children’s party specialists who will be able to help. Space could also be an issue – if you want to be able to play football but don’t have a large garden, hiring your local sports centre for the afternoon could provide a solution.

Perhaps the weather isn’t good, or you would prefer an approach that didn’t require quite so much space. Well, there are loads of football games suitable for inside as well. Party balloons are perfectnto use for a keepie-uppie competition – who can keep their balloon off the floor for the longest? Blow football is another great option. Create a miniature pitch on a tabletop, complete with goals, and provide your players with straws. A ping-pong ball, or even a ball of screwed up paper, is your football. Each side has to direct the ball by blowing through their straws (no touching!) – a perfect way to play football inside!

Birthday balloons can come in handy for an inside football / skittle hybrid game too. Set up your “skittles” – they could be anything from cuddly toys to empty Pringles tubes or loo rolls. Then each player takes a turn to kick the football balloon, aiming to knock over the maximum number of skittles!

Maybe the ultimate footballing birthday gift is a Subbuteo table – and holding a table football tournament could keep the whole party happy for hours! Or if everyone is feeling tired after all the physical activity, perhaps a footballing quiz is a good way to wind things down.

Parting shots

After a fantastic day, sending each child away with a memento of the party is a great way to round things off. A personalized gift can make your event really memorable, so why not commemorate your party with something from PartyWorld’s special selection? Give each child chocolate coins, love heart sweets, rock, or even a lollipop, all football themed and personalized with your little one’s name and birthday message.

Package up your gifts with PartyWorld’s 3D soccer range of party bags and gift wrap. And relax as you imagine the referee blowing the final whistle!

If you’re throwing a party, visit PartyWorld for all your supplies. From pinatas to decorations, birthday balloons to tableware, PartyWorld is your one stop celebration shop!

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