Parents want to give the best for their children. So, they take the time to research which daycare provides the best quality service. Location, cost, and the daycare facilities are essential factors to consider. But when the options become too overwhelming, you need to narrow down your list.

Below are some of the essential qualities of a great daycare.

1. Good reputation

A good reputation is among the crucial qualities of a good daycare center. It should be known for its nurturing environment and friendly, welcoming atmosphere. If possible, ask other current clients about their experience. Try approaching other parents picking up their children or calling them for reference.

2. Licensed or accredited

Only entrust your children to licensed daycare centers. Since every state has its minimum legal requirements for childcare businesses, being licensed is a must. It is only an advantage if the daycare center is accredited.

Before giving them a license, the state licensing agencies will check if the center is safe and if it meets all official regulations. On the other hand, accreditation agencies are private. They will first evaluate the daycare center according to a broader array of specific criteria.

Aside from license and accreditation, it is also essential for a daycare center to have childcare insurance. This type of insurance offers a combination of insurance policies that includes coverage such as workers’ compensation, commercial property, and any risks associated with childcare. In case of unexpected events in your business, childcare insurance can protect you from loss. You can check the costs of child care insurance on this site.

3. Safe, clean facilities

You want your child to learn and play in a safe and clean place. So, check whether the daycare is sanitary from the floors to the ceiling, kitchen area, toilets, and many more. The diaper changing stations and restrooms must be far from food preparation areas. The establishment should also be well ventilated, heated, and lit.

4. Stimulating curriculum

Aside from sanitation, license, and reputation, one of the qualities of a good daycare is having a stimulating curriculum. It should have a well-structured schedule with more physical activity, group programs, meals, snacks, and rest time. As much as possible, videos and television should not be a part of your child’s activity. Otherwise, ensure that the videos are appropriate for your child’s age and are educational.

5. Excellent staff skills

How the staff members handle children is crucial for a good daycare center. The workers should know behavior management techniques to address children’s behavioral issues well. They should also have the right tools to help when a child is acting out.

6. Consistent rules and established policies

A good daycare center should also have well-established policies. Having a well-organized and consistent core will allow a business to provide excellent service. Check whether the daycare center has written-down operating policies that tackle major to minor aspects of childcare. You can see from these rules and policies whether a center is inflexible, unsafe, and unfriendly.


Overall, choosing the right daycare center for your child is crucial. Your child’s safety and well-being depend on your choice. So, make sure to note the list above when searching for the best daycare.

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