Breakfast With The Guys

[twitter]DadCAMP needs to get back to what it was originally built for: bringing dads together for playdates, networking, and hanging out.

So many moms use the social network to build relationships while dads just muddle through. We have tough schedules, we try to balance work and play. I started DadCAMP to bring dads together with our kids for outings, and to hang out and talk about the struggles of parenting. When we become parents, our spheres change and DadCAMP was created to build that. The site has pushed in to a ‘straight blog’ for the past few years, but the networking needs to come back.

Breakfast With the Guys
“Leading Dads: Celebrating the Role of Fathers”
A panel of leading local dads and sons (including W Brett Wilson and Gord Gillies) talk about how to have those necessary (but often awkward) conversations about respect in relationships. Panel Moderator: Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson

Date: November 27, 2013
Time: 7:00 am to 8:30 am
Location: Telus Calgary Convention Centre, 120 9 Avenue SE

Tickets are $150, tables are $1100. Are you interested in joining the DadCAMP table? Let’s do it.

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