$11000 A Year. On Little League.

20090713 venus williams at ea sports in burnaby [twitter]The article, All Parents Deserve A Gold Medal, about the sacrifices Olympic moms make brought in some emotional responses. How can you not have an emotional response? It’s a tearjerker to be sure. But one friend had a different reaction to the piece. “Wow. Makes me feel guilty for not putting my daughter into pre-comp gymnastics. Sniff,” she wrote.

We always want to give our kids the best, and we think they need the best to reach their potential. But do they? Isn’t passion and natural talent enough? Do we really need to sculpt our kids’ careers before they’re even sure what they want to do?

Richard Williams admits he planned his daughters’ domination of tennis 2 years before Venus Williams (left) was even born. He moved his family to Compton to give his family an edge on the competition. Still, despite designing Venus and Serena’s championship careers, Williams concedes, “a champion has [certain] qualities, and it’s not something you can teach.”

Find out why some parents are spending $11 000 a year on Little League, after the jump.

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