Being A Parent Is Awesome

My Awesome Family

[twitter]The blog, 1000 Awesome Things, came to an end today. 4 years after learning to appreciate the little things in life while struggling with a collapsing marriage and a friend’s suicide attempt, Neil Pashricha has reached the most awesome thing ever: anything you want it to be.

This is really a new school Chicken Soup For The Soul kind of series. Instead of short stories, 1000 Awesome Things is just a quick reminder that life is good, life is awesome, and life is a gift.

Stop getting caught up in the tax deadline, worrying about what’s for dinner, and how you’ll get child 1 to ballet when child 2 has swimming, take a pause and remember: being a parent is awesome.

Here’s a list of 1000 Awesome Things About Being a Parent (actually only 17 – it’s a work in progress), some are Neil’s, some are mine, what are yours?

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