Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Is Pregnant. Should She Have Been Hired?

marissa mayer is pregnant
Marissa Mayer is the new CEO of Yahoo!

[twitter]Yahoo! has unveiled their new CEO and along with all the fawning over what a great selection she will be to lead the beleaguered tech giant came a little bit of news that will, most likely, spin the story in another direction.

Marissa Mayer is 6 months pregnant.

Fortune magazine reports the 37-year-old is due to have a boy in October.

All Things D reports that Mayer’s pregnancy was not an issue to the company’s board.

“It was not part of the consideration,” said an anonymous person familiar with the situation. “Like every other professional woman, she has to weigh all the factors in doing her job and having a family.”

I have argued in the past that the glass ceiling for women is self-inflicted.   Women don’t earn as much as men, and aren’t promoted as often as men in the workplace because their key promotional years coincide with family years.

So. Does it matter?

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