What You Learn At Apple Camp

We have been packing the calendar with free day camps this year. From math and reading camps at the library to tech camps at the Apple Store.

Yes, Apple Camps are held every summer at Apple Stores where kids learn how to harness their creative side and master programs like iBooks and iMovie. The free program is for kids 8 – 12 and they attend three 90 minute classes over the course of the week.

Zacharie turned 8 this year and has been dabbling in Garageband on his own and at school. He’s taught himself how to make his own music, so this kind of course is next level perfection for him.

The instructors were thrilled Zacharie was so excited for camp. They practiced storyboarding, they learned how to mix audio, shoot video, and in the end they made their own little movie!

Here’s what you need to know about Apple Camp

Because the camp takes place in the retail store, you cannot drop your kids off and then pick them up later. Parents are required to stay at Apple Camp which is just fine, because they have a session for you where you learn the programs too so you can help your kids later!

Apple Camp is free! You need to have a digital camera and headphones for Apple Camp. Zacharie used his iPod Touch as a camera to shoot the movie he would edit and they gave all the kids some earbuds along with a tshirt. So, instead of paying for camp, the kids get free lessons AND about $50 in swag. Awesome.

swag from Apple Camp

Apple Camp runs at Apple Stores across Canada for July and the beginning of August. Here’s the registration info, there may still be a few spots left at your local Apple Store. Have a look and then send your kids!

Further Reading: Rene Ritchie at iMore has a very detailed breakdown of Apple Camp here.

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