SURVEY SAYS! Kids Don’t Like Junk Food, They Like Toys

Well, it finally happened. My son went to McDonald’s for the first time this weekend.

My wife and I like to divide to conquer our kids when they get riled up, so while I did groceries with our youngest, she did some shopping with our oldest. She got noshy, craved a Big Mac, and brought our son along where he immediately requested the Happy Meal with the Power Ranger.

As they sat down to a Mother-Son lunch, he played with his toy, and had a few fries. That was it. His first foray to McDonald’s didn’t cultivate an appetite for sugar, fat, and salt – it was a hook baited with a toy. Exactly how they planned it.

After the jump, the details on a survey that says kids don’t like the junk food, they like the toys.

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