Battle of the Planets

[twitter]I grew up on G Force (aka Battle of the Planets).

We used to role play all over that at recess with Graziella Garfallo, Gina Gillespie, Paul Patry, and Mike Salmon (why do we always remember our elementary school friends instantly by first and last name?)

I don’t think Zacharie and Charlie will head off to school next week and play Big Hero 6 on the playground, but as I soaked up the film with the boys this weekend, the animation, costumes, and storyline had me drifting back to being 8/9 yrs old. “Everything is a love letter to Japanese pop culture,” director Don Hall has said.

The animation is spectacular. So good, in fact, that in an era of cinema where live action is so dotted with CGI for superhero movies, that you probably couldnt tell the difference between this and The Fabulous Spider-Man Avenger. I didnt get out to the popcorn superhero movies in the summer (because kids, and because if I’m going to ‘grown up movies’, I’m going to real grown up ones, not the adolescent type), but this movie satisfied that little sweet tooth. No shock, really, as this is a Marvel movie that got the Disney animation treatment.

The Kabuki villain is absolutely dark and devious. The Big Hero 6 have great costumes, and perfect mix of characters to be interesting (in the same way Guardians of the Galaxy grabbed me), and the story is fresh and different when it comes to kid-friendly animation.

Big Hero 6 Cast

Big Hero 6

The reworked story tones down the comic book action, adds some life lesson moments and comedy making it Disney-esque, while still having enough of the action and comic book themes to make it a genuine cross-generational pleaser.

See It Or Skip It?

See it. Charlie is nearly got a little spooked by some of the scenes with the Kabuki villain (they are very busy, dark, and spooky), and complained about it over dinner and before bed. It wasn’t as bad as our Guardians of the Galaxy experience, but this might better be saved for the 6+ set.

Here are a couple of other reviews some Dad pals have carved up. This one will give you a list of Easter Eggs to watch for in the background. While this piece has a rundown of the animation and extra features related to the film.


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