November Is Diabetes Month

We’ve learned here on DadCAMP that being a parent changes your perspective. Suddenly the evening news is harder to watch, especially when a child is involved in the headline.

Being a parent suddenly propels you to have a greater sense of community and a desire to give back. Whether that be coaching a minor sports team, volunteering at the community centre or being extra friendly to your neighbours – the definition of family expands when you have your own.

November is Diabetes Month.

Zacharie doesnt have diabetes, but I know there are many kids who do. And when I say Zacharie doesnt have it I should add the word “yet” because diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases affecting our society. Sometimes you’re born with it, sometimes it hits you later in life when you’ve taken your body for granted. However it comes around, it does come around. A lot.

So I run marathons with Team Diabetes to keep myself active and healthy and away from possibly getting it myself. I raise awareness and funds for diabetes so researchers can get a leg up and attack the disease before it has a chance to creep into my family’s life.

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. So what can you do?

I’ve created a Twitter List called “Team Diabetes” of people you can follow and retweet to help spread the message this month.

The World Diabetes Day website has banner ads you can clip and add to your own rotation to help raise awareness.

You can join me in Rio de Janeiro in June 2010 as a member of Team Diabetes and run a marathon, half marathon or 10k and raise funds and awareness for those living with diabetes.

You can advertise on DadCAMP. For the month of November, when you make a donation of $100 to Team Diabetes you can buy any of the ad positions on DadCAMP through the rest of 2009. The more people that make the donation, the longer the rotation of ads will be, but the sooner you get in on the offer the more rotations you will get before the competition heats up.

It’s all about community. How are you helping yours?

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