DadCAMP 2: The Pumpkin Patch

When we take DadCAMP live, it’s a casual few hours to hang with other dads, take life off the web and play with the kids. We get a few minutes of conversation in between chasing toddlers into mudpits, running off to bathroom breaks or soothing a crying child.

There’s no real organization to our day, it’s just Dads hanging with other Dads and their kids. DadCAMP 2 was a visit to the Country Farms Pumpkin Patch, a set up that takes the taks of wandering around a field with pre-picked pumpkins and kicks it up a few notches. Hay rides, corn mazes, live bands, fresh apples, tractors, petting zoos, and even a Pumpkin Princess are all a part of your visit.

DadCAMP live is just a manifestation of our philosophy that time with our kids, no matter what it is, is a celebration of the best day ever.

Despite a heavy rainfall warning that saw cats and dogs falling from the sky, we had another successful turnout with @AnthonyFloyd, @stv, @_EricLowe, @karlwoll, @kylerstorm and @jaypiddy trudging through the mud to pick a pumpkin.

Congratulations to @AnthonyFloyd who won our DadCAMP prize of an HP A646 portable printer (which was so portable we did a demo from the hatchback of my car in the middle of the pumpkin patch parking lot!)

2009-10-17 DadCAMP  - 9 2009-10-17 DadCAMP  - 8 2009-10-17 DadCAMP  - 5 2009-10-17 DadCAMP  - 2 2009-10-17 DadCAMP  - 1

You can find more pictures on Flickr by searching the tag “dadcamp.”

DadCAMP 3 is planned for November 15 to see the Vancouver Giants at the Pacific Coliseum. Save the date now, ticket information will be released soon.


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