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I shovelled the driveway this weekend.

I know it’s just October, but life on the prairies can mean snow in August, so to have it over the Thanksgiving long weekend wasn’t all that much of a surprise. While I did the driveway, I also took the time to get the car ready for winter. That means getting some spare gloves in the glove compartment (that is why it’s called that, isn’t it?)

Glove Box Mittens

finding a scraper to stuff beside the passenger seat


and changing the cabin air filter.


A clogged cabin air filter can block the flow of fresh air coming into the system and block output into the cabin of the vehicle. A clogged cabin air filter can restrict the air entering your vehicle’s ventilation system which could cause your air conditioning or defrost system to not work as it efficiently should.

With snow in October, I’m going to need that defrost system to be working at it’s best. So I followed some simple instructions to change the cabin air filter on my own.

My Canadian Tire keeps their air filters behind the automotive counter.


I made an appointment to get the winter tires swapped on, and asked them to grab me the appropriate FRAM filters to match my car.


A cabin air filter (right) cleans the air entering the vehicle’s interior of dust, dirt and allergens for passenger comfort and safety. Replacing cabin air filter maximizes airflow, brings in fresher, cleaner air. After a summer of adventures on the dirty and dusty backroads of Alberta, it was time for a change.

How to Change Your Car Cabin Air Filter

This is how it worked for my Hyundai Elantra, check the instructions in the box and your car manual for details appropriate for your vehicle.

You will need to access the area behind the glove compartment box in your car. So that means you have to take everything out first 🙂 A simple twist of some plastic dials is all I needed to be able to release the glove box to access the compartment behind.



The black rectangle in back has the cabin air filter. I just pinched the sides and pulled it out. Can you tell which is the new filter and which is the old one?


Okay, that dirty one in front needs to be tossed asap. Do that and then take new FRAM Filter from the box and insert into housing.


Put the cover back on the housing in the back, replace the stops for the glove box, and then do a serious edit of all the junk you have in there. Yes, this is a two part cleaning, here. You’re cleaning the air, and tossing out the nonsense in your glove compartment, both will make you feel better.

While I was rolling up my sleeves, I also made a quick change of the engine air filter too.


Most air filters can be installed easily and quickly with simple tools. I just needed a screwdriver to release some clamps. The filter popped out easily, I gave the housing a scrub and cleaning, replaced with a new filter and I was good to go.

This tiny bit of maintenance that you can do on your own – in under 10 minutes – is your engine’s first line of defense and protects it from dirt, dust, and particles that can damage your engine.

The entire procedure, to change both filters, took less than 20 minutes. The hardest part was getting the nonsense out of my glove box 😉 You can do this too – the change of seasons is the perfect time to get your ride #FRAMFresh!

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Up to 80% of vehicles built since 2000 have a cabin air filter or a compartment where one can be installed. FRAM recommends changing your cabin air filter annually or every 24,000km. Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual.

fram fresh breezeCabin air filters protect the most important part of the vehicle- the passengers inside it. FRAM Fresh Breeze® cabin air filters can remove up to 98% of dirt, dust and allergens from passing through your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating ventilation system to improve your driving comfort.

FRAM Fresh Breeze® air filter made with a special media that includes carbon and Arm& Hammer® baking soda. The carbon gives the media a darker look. FRAM Fresh Breeze ® is the only cabin air filter that uses the natural deodorizing qualities of Arm & Hammer® baking soda and activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odours.

Not sure how to change your air filter? Check out some tutorials here.



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