Zacharie Getting YouTuber Gear From Best Buy

I love the confidence that Zacharie exudes when YouTubing. I’ve been threatening him for weeks that we would create a YouTubing studio in the basement, and Black Friday was time to pay up on the promise.

Zacharie and I went out to Best Buy on one of the busiest days of the year to pick out some gear for his burgeoning YouTube career.

He’s not the best reader, school has been a struggle, but I love his growing confidence presenting to the camera. I’ve often found random videos on iPods and iPads lying around the house, so he’s really getting into being a presenter. I’m encouraging it by editing up his The Zacharie Show videos, and today we went to Best Buy to get the next level of gear.

Here’s Z checking out the gear at Best Buy, and unboxing a GoPro Hero4 Silver!

Black Friday is a weekend long event, so check out for more details and .. don’t forget Cyber Monday!

Pro Tips For Christmas Shopping at Best Buy:

1. Find a Smart Friend to help you. This time of year they’re also called Blue Shirt Elves. Sara helped Zacharie pick out his gear. She was awesome. Friendly, knowledgable, and worked with what we were looking for.

2. Look for Brand Ambassadors with specific knowledge on individual product lines. In addition to the Blue Shirts, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, LG, and others have their own staff in store offering advice.

3. Shop around and use the price match guarantee. They will match prices and beat them by 10%, online or in store. I found a microphone kit for less on the Best Buy website in the US, Sara said she would match it. Boom.

4. Try them out. Best Buy has all the gear out so you can try it and make sure it’s what you want. Best Buy wants you to walk out of the store understanding exactly how to use what you’ve just bought. So take the time to let them teach you.

5. Best Buy staff is not on commission. They will suggest the product you need. The tripod Zacharie needs for YouTubing is just $12, as per the Blue Shirt Elves, making sure I didn’t spend more than I needed.

6. Oh, and bonus when you work with a Smart Friend, they can check you out meaning .. you skip that very long Black Friday line! 🙂

Disclosure: I was invited to visit Best Buy and received a gift card during my visit. My words and review of the experience are my own.

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