I’m late to the s’more party. Until I had kids, I didn’t really know and love them. So maybe my s’more game isn’t quite where it should be.

I mean, ‘smores are awesome. Crumbly graham crackers are not. I have yet to make a good, squishy, melty, perfect smore with graham crackers.

I can get the marshmallow perfect. I can build them well, but as soon as I squish everything together to fit in my mouth, it all falls apart. The crackers are too crunchy, the chocolate never melts, and while the ‘idea’ of s’more is great, I have yet to find an execution that makes sense.

So this weekend I broke out the camping hack you need this summer: Tortilla Bowl S’mores.

campfire smores
Campfire S’mores

Soft, chewy, melty, crunchy, perfect.

It basically comes down to this: put the ingredients in an Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl, like you’re making a sundae of marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers, and then eat.

But there soooo many different ways to hack this awesome summer campfire tradition.

Sure, you can just roast big marshmallows, and toss them in the bowl with broken graham crackers and chocolate bits, or you can set up an entire dessert buffet of Tortilla Bowl S’more insanity.

campfire tortilla bowl s'mores
Tortilla Bowl s’more buffet
campfire smore tortilla bowl
Charlie decorating his campfire smore tortilla bowl

Coconut, banana, marshmallows, different chocolate bars, gummy bears, and when Saskatoon berry bushes are around your campsite, you toss those in too!

Pick all your favourite mixins, toss them in the Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl, wrap it up and toss it in to get melted, and then binge in perfect campfire smiles bigger than you could ever imagine.

charlie eating

You only really need 3 or 4 minutes over a roaring fire to melt the marshmallows and chocolate into a perfect gooey mess. Be careful with the tin foil taking it off the fire, and unwrapping it, it will be hot.

But oh em gee, what you find inside is soooo worth it.

Charlie inhaling his campfire s'more creation
Charlie inhaling his campfire s’more creation

That’s a perfect hand-friendly campfire s’more creation and the hack you need to try!


Here’s a bonus Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl camping hack.. if you have bowls left over in the morning, use them to make wicked huevos rancheros breakfast burritos!

I hate doing the dishes when we go camping. The water is too hot or too cold, it gets filled with gross bits of food and, well, grey water is just gross.

So cut back on the breakfast dishes by whipping up some wicked scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage and leaving them in the big pan alongside some chopped peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cheese,.

huevos rancheros at the campfire
Huevos rancheros tortilla bowls for breakfast

Then you sit back and let the campers build their own huevos rancheros breakfast burritos in an Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl!

huevos rancheros camping
The perfect hand-friendly campfire breakfast

Hand-friendly food that won’t result in a pile of plates to wash right after breakfast? Love!

Those are some of my quick and easy camping hacks for Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl. I’d love to hear how you bring a little fiesta fun to your outdoor adventures this summer.

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Old El Paso.


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