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My garden is growing, the backyard salad is delicious, and I’m proud to brag #IGrewIt. Along with that, the Scotts Gro Crew has challenged me to tackle other parts of my yard – like the lawn.

First task was to fill in a dead patch on the back of our front lawn and put Scotts EZSeed to the test. #IGrewIt, and if you check out the #EZSeedChallenge across social media, others did it too.

Congrats to Judy Cowan, who grew grass on a bear’s head and won a $300 Ikea Gift Card as part of the #EZSeedChallenge contest.

If you’ve got a stubborn patch, it’s not too late to fill in your lawn. It takes just a couple of weeks to grow grass anywhere, with Scotts EZ Seed, just give it a try.

The other lawn care task this summer is to get our front lawn on par with my neighbour. Their lawn is lush and green. Mine is kind of patchy and less green.

before lawn

So I have been looking after that front yard. Watering more often than I have in the past, tossing in Scotts Coated Grass Seed to grow a thicker lawn,

scotts coated grass seed

and using Scotts Green Max to punch up the colour.

scotts green max

I have a small suburban yard, I don’t need a wheel barrow to get all the product in the grown, I can take a 10 minute walk around with the Scotts Wizz Spreader and get it done before I head to work on a weekday, no need to make it an all weekend chore.

The Scotts Wizz Spreader is battery operated so there’s no cranking, and it’s hand held, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the garage. It’s as easy as walking, check it out:

There are 23 dial settings to make sure you get accurate dispersal, and EdgeGuard technology allows the product to be spread over wide or narrow areas. It’s great for small lawns, like mine.

Have a look at the picture I took this week, I think I’ve caught up with a full, rich, green lawn.

Scotts GreenMax

And I do it before work. Weekends are meant for daytrips to the mountains, camping, and Pokemon Go chasing with my boys.

You really can have a better lawn by spending a few minutes in the morning before work with the Scotts Wizz SpreaderScotts Green Max, Scotts Coated Grass Seed, and Scotts EZSeed.

Next up is to build the garden box beside my front landing. With the garden growing, and the lawn greening, let’s hope I don’t put a nail through my burgeoning green thumb 😉

I’d love to hear how your lawn and garden are growing this year. Take a pic, drop an #IGrewIt hashtag on it and share it on social. You deserve bragging rights!!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Scotts Gro Crew.


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