There is more LEGO in my house than I ever imagined.

There are X Wings, Y Wings, space ships, boats, trucks, helicopters, hot dog stands, and more scattered around our house. The boys fall into two camps when it comes to the LEGO: Zacharie likes to build, Charlie likes to play.

Zacharie will sit at the kitchen table for 3 hours working through a complex build, Charlie will give up after 20 minutes. Charlie will take all of Zacharie’s creations and put them through adventures and stop motion movies on the carpet, while Z will ask when we’re getting another box for him to break open.

This month, LEGO sent us a LEGO BOOST set and Zacharie started off building, then he went off coding, and then he started playing.

Check out his video review:

I didn’t read the instructions with him, I didn’t supervise his build or help, I just handed him the box and then I walked away (Okay, I downloaded the app because I don’t let him have his own accounts running wild on the internet).

He picked the build. He synced the app to the motor. He did the coding. He figured it all out on his own. THIS is my kind of LEGO set. You want some STEAM education in action? #BuildWithBOOST is all that.

LEGO has never been one-dimensional, it has always had imagination and free play beyond the pages of the instructions to build whatever was pictured on the box, but LEGO BOOST goes next level by adding an element of coding.

LEGO BOOST is a 5-in-1 model that lets kids add sound, movement, and personality to their LEGO creations.

There’s VERNIE the Robot, FRANKIE the Cat, AUTO Builder, GUITAR4000, and M.T.R.4 – The Multi-Tooled Rover 4 (what Zacharie calls a forklift in his video above, pictured below)

Once the kids get comfortable building through the models, they can start expanding into free play and builds that take the features to the next level.

To get them inspired, check out the BOOST BOTS series on YouTube. LEGO BOOST is available here, or at all major Canadian toy retailers.


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This post is sponsored by LEGO, but the opinions are all my own.


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  1. Travelbuds November 30, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Great video. Both my kids love Lego and coding. I think this would be perfect for them.

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