LEGO boys on the beach

[twitter]While we were away in Bermuda for the past week, we took time to FaceTime with the boys.

It’s wonderful living in the future. To be able to sit in a posh hotel lobby, or an AirBNB guesthouse on the beach and chat, via video, with our boys for free. This is the Jetsons age.

While we were away, we showed the boys pictures of the ocean. The deep and bright hues of the Bermudian water shaped by the coral reefs surrounding the islands. I took pictures of the boys (as LEGO avatars) and emailed them back.

The vistas left an impression.

One day, while seeing his favorite teacher in the hallway, Zacharie remarked to her:

Bermuda blue water and sky

“The water in Bermuda is blue, blue blue. Bluer than the sky, bluer than you can dream.”

Water in Bermuda



It’s true. The water is bluer than you can dream, and my kid is a poet.

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