Zacharie at 8

[twitter]STATE OF THE KID, May 31, 2015:
52.5″ tall, 58 lbs, 7 teeth lost.

Who do you look like? That’s me, you, and your momma. All at 8 yrs old.


You’re 8, Zacharie, and you are growing so fast. So fast. I looked at you with headphones on, sitting in a corner, pounding away on your GarageBand creation and I could have sworn you were 13.

Where does the time go, my bobo?

The cynicism is sneaking in. The talking back. The self-confidence. The idea that you know how to do everything on your own.

Yet you’re too scared to go downstairs by yourself.

You’re very much in to music and dance this year. You played soccer on a team through the winter, and despite me being impressed by your backyard skills, you were the weakest player on the team. It bothered you. You’d rather dance and pirouette in the backfield than chase up the sidelines to score.

You liked playing soccer, but not as much as all your pals. We’re still trying to find that perfect team sport for you. In the meantime, it’s dance, and swimming, and skateboarding.

The Wild Kratts and animals are still your main jam. You were so excited to go and meet Chris and Martin when they came to town last weekend. The energy was soaring through your body as you fidgeted and shrieked and sang. This show has given you so much compassion for animals.

Zac harie Charlie and Martin Kratt

You know every random fact about peregrine falcons, zebras, and caracals. Birds are still your favorite, and at your birthday party this weekend you raised money for the Alberta Birds of Prey Center.

Zacharie at Birds of Prey Center

You have worked so hard at school this year, my Z. After a grade 1 where the teacher was over-matched and under-skilled, you were given every chance to succeed this year with Mme Banning. She took you under her wing early and got you the help you needed. Every day you read one-on-one with someone. For 10 minutes, for half an hour, it didn’t matter, you put in the time and effort and it’s paying off.

While you’re not the head of the class, you’re positioning yourself right there in the middle. I can’t wait to see what will happen as you grasp the concepts and run with them. You are a passionate guy, and once you get it, you won’t stop.

You’re bilingual. You randomly riff in French to me. Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re saying. It just comes out so easily, so equally. It’s the most spectacular thing to watch. You’ve always been able to understand French, but to bring it up on your own, your accent so crisp, just makes me so proud. Knowing another language is such a gift, and whether or not you use it in a career, it will serve you well to understand others, and I’m so glad you’ve embraced it.

Your ‘bro’ is still your best friend. You and Charlie are so great together. You are such an empathetic guy. You look at other young kids on the playground and you take them under your wing. You bend down and talk to little kids at the playgrund like they’re one of the guys and have boldly declared you’ll be the best babysitter when you grow up.

Zacharie and Charlie Brothers

Actually, this week, you said you wanted to be a housecleaner when you grow up. Which makes no sense. Tasked with a list of chores to perform to raise money for charity with your class, you accomplished none of them. You’re a messy guy, just like your dad.

Happy 8th, le grand monsieur.

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