Day Out With Thomas At Heritage Park 2015

[twitter]“I’m too old for Thomas, daddy,” Charlie explained as we made the walk to Heritage Park for our 5th visit to A Day Out With Thomas.

That made we wonder why we had packed up and headed down to the park. So I prodded him. “I’m too old for Thomas, the tv show. But I’m not too old for Thomas the train,” he clarified.

A Day Out With Thomas really is geared to the 6 and under set with activities scattered all around Heritage Park. There’s arts and crafts, toys to play with, faces to get painted, stories to get heard, songs to be sung, and heroes to be met.

Sir Topham Hatt always makes an appearance, and then there’s the big blue guy himself, Thomas the Tank Engine. A Day Out With Thomas is genius, really. Thomas, a dummy engine, is placed on the front of the steam engine at Heritage Park and makes the rounds of the park while all the fun happens inside.

Thomas The Tank Engine - Heritage Park

The boys are too old for the show now. We’ve sold much of the Thomas trains and figures that crowded our basement for the past 4 years. It’s been replaced by LEGO, but there’s still an affinity for A Day Out With Thomas. They love the train.

We spent our Day Out With Thomas wandering around Heritage Park time traveling with the old buildings

Heritage Park

grabbing snacks from the bakery

Heritage Park Bakery

and then running every time we heard his whistle coming around the corner.

My boys don’t watch Thomas anymore, they are too old for that. Its obvious when I noted we spent much of our time at Heritage Park dodging strollers and toddlers. But there’s still something about tradition. We’ve been to A Day Out With Thomas for every year for five straight now. We stop and take a picture with Thomas every year. It’s just something we do. It’s a family tradition.

Charlie and Zacharie with Thomas

And the boys, a little too old for much of the day’s events, still beam when we board Thomas for our ride, still run to the rails when they hear him coming around the corner, still ask if we can go again next year.

Yes, we can. Yes, we will.

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