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[twitter]I had a pleasant surprise when I checked my lotto ticket this week: I won $20!

I checked it at the grocery store when Zacharie was with me doing the shopping. I handed the winnings to to my 5 year old and told him to put it in his piggy bank.

Our boys are very proud of their piggy banks. They each have one that gets stuffed with birthday money and random coins when we empty our pockets at the end of a day out.

The idea is to save it up and then each year, on their birthday, dump it out and add the $50 or $100 or whatever it is to their college fund. But, every now and again, we let them raid it for something they really want.

A couple of days after the lucky lottery win, we were back at the grocery store. My son ran over to the toy aisle and started playing with the toys. This usually happens for 5 or so minutes on every visit, and then he runs over to show what a big boy he is by grabbing the gallon of milk for me. This time, however, he lingered a little longer with an X-Wing Fighter Star Wars Lego kit.

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