[twitter]A bbq picnic in the park on a busy school night when we have activities and the routine is packed?

You bet.

Our crazy spring routine has started. The boys have rock climbing, swimming lessons, art class, and dance class on their schedule. My wife has bosses and suppliers coming to town. My radio station is in the swing of important audience measurement. Our family is busy. Really busy.

So what did I plan? A picnic dinner out. It was the perfect routine break that made life easy.

Charlie’s rock climbing class is right after school and isnt over until 5:15. That usually means what my wife calls “whip-it dinnner;” something quick and easy that we just whip together. A rotisserie chicken, leftovers, or take out.

This time around I planned a picnic. I have 30 minutes or so from the time I get home from work until I have to pick the boys up after school.

So I cut up some veggies and tossed them in a GLAD Lunch To Go container. Then I ripped up some lettuce, sliced some cheese and tomotoes and put them in one too

GLAD playground picnic

Put some salad in the awesome GLAD Lunch To Go container with the dressing in the lid cup (best invention ever) so things didnt get soggy

GLAD playground picnic

Grabbed a box of burgers and a bag of buns, some sauces and used the GLAD zipper bags and freezer bags to keep everything fresh until dinner

burgers glad

I threw it all in a small cooler with some drinks and it all stacked up easily.


The evening was gorgeous, so I tossed it in the trunk with my camp stove and trucked the boys off to activities with the GLAD gear keeping everything fresh.

Rushing home after to cook dinner would have been the usual routine. Not eating until nearly 6. This time around we headed down to the river and a new playground near some picnic grounds.

2015-04 playground picnic - 10

The boys ran off to play on the gear instead of begging to watch tv or play with an iPad while I set up the grill and got dinner ready.

No complaining. No busy night stress. Just beautiful sunshine, the great outdoors, and my kids playing.

2015-04 playground picnic - 08

I was able to easily fit everything into a simple shoulder bag cooler because it was just the boys and me. It made for such an easy and fun night. A busy school night that had the pressure eased by bright sunshine, some running around, and an early season picnic. Perfect.

2015-04 playground picnic - 12

If you’re planning a bigger bbq, or want to pot luck it with some friends, GLAD Press N Seal and GLAD Cling Wrap can help you keep your salads, sauces, and bbq treats fresh upon arrival.

Next time you have a busy family night on the schedule, try to break out of your routine, and have a picnic in a park. On a school night.

Disclosure: This branded content was sponsored by Glad.

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