It’s crunch time, gang. The final week before the big weekend and there is still so much to do.

This year give someone the gift of a better self. I love sharing experiences this time year, and giving my family things that aren’t just “stuff” but make their lives better.

This year, a nudge to get someone up and get active is the perfect way to #GiveABetterGift. And it doesn’t have to big and outlandish either, just a small, simple, something to get the people in your life moving more.

New shoes, a way to work out at home, or a little reminder from their wrist that it’s time to go for a walk can make a world of difference in their life and yours and are great ways to #GiveABetterGift.

This winter, I’m working with Sport Chek as part of their #ChekSquad sharing ideas that can help equip the people in your lives with the gear they need to act on that inspiration and live a healthier, happier 2017!

Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra BoostThese are the greatest shoes I’ve ever run in, guys. It’s a one piece shoe, so it has a really snug, comfortable fit. And the Ultra Boost cushioning is like running on a cloud. That’s not hyperbole, I love these shoes so much. I had a bright neon pair for last year’s training and this year I’ve gone for a murdered out black edition to get my run on.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 at Sport ChekI know, you just need a nudge to get active, right? Just a small one? Well the Fitbit is it. This gamifies fitness. You’re constantly nudged to get up, go for a walk, and be better than the day before. This one is going in my wife’s stocking this year.


TRX Fit at Sport Chek
Baby, it’s cold outside. I know. My plan for training in 2017 is to mix in some more weight training and this is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to do it. You’re just using your body weight as resistance with the TRX Fit straps. Hang them over a door in your basement, or over a beam in your garage, and you can work your entire body while focusing on your core the whole time.

You don’t need a gym membership, you just need commitment and with an app that guides you through workouts as quick as 15 minutes long, you can always find the time and place to get a workout in.

Dragon X1 Flux Transitions Clear Men’s Ski Goggles

Dragon Goggles Sport ChekWe are going to be a ski family. My boys have the urge to ride, and after rediscovering my love of the hills over the past two years, we’re building up our collection of gear to hit the mountains more this year. These ski goggles have transitions lessons built into them, so whether its bright or overcast, you’ll be able to find your kids clearly on the slopes.

71% of us shopping this holiday season will also get ourselves a little something while we’re out looking for others. All of these things will make little stuffers in your own stocking too! And then, as a family, or as a group of friends, you can all get active together. Let’s do it!

This post is sponsored by Sport Chek

Thanks to Sport Chek for having me on their #ChekSquad. They’ve got a list of active people on board to help bring out the best best in you. Click the hashtag to meet them, or click the image below to get great, active, gift ideas.

Sport Chek Christmas

Thanks so much to Sport Chek for supporting my training and fund raising with Team Diabetes. They’ve been truly spectacular.

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