Best Ways To Remove A Loose Tooth

It has been more than a year since Zacharie lost a tooth. His first two popped out in pretty quick succession last July and since then, nothing.

This week was the start of skateboard camp, something he’s been looking forward to for months. I knew skateboarding was risky. It was called the most dangerous sport kids could play, and on Day 1 it produced results.

A tumble a few minutes into class meant Zacharie lost a tooth and a second was dangling by a thread.

Well it was about time.

Now we have a wiggler, a tooth that is hanging tight enough to be a slippery one to pull out barehanded, but loose enough to still get tugged out with some creativity.

Here are 8 creative ways to pull a loose tooth on your kids.

Tooth Extraction By Car

Mini Motorcycle Tooth Pull

Redneck Tooth Pulling (aka by a 4×4)

Pull A Loose Tooth With A Rocket

Pull A Loose Tooth With A Plane

Pull A Loose Tooth With A Baseball Bat

Pull A Loose Tooth With A Nerf Gun

Pull A Loose Tooth With An Old Fashioned Door Slam

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