Charlie Earth DayIt’s Earth Month, which dovetails nicely with spring cleaning season.

We clean out the garage and basement, and then pack up the stuff we’re not using to give it a second life. The best and easiest way to upcycle your items is through the Second Hand Economy with Kijiji.

Last year, Canadians made an average of $883 selling their items second hand AND .. they saved an extra $480 by buying items second hand.

If you’re not getting your piece of this $36B economic pie, it’s time to kick your Kijiji game up to the next level.

Here are 5 tips to write the best Kijiji ad to sell your stuff faster, make more money, and keep the second hand economy rolling.

Best Kijiji Ad

1. Thorough titles

Include important facts such as brand name, product name, size, and price in your title in order to get people to read your full ad.

2. Detailed descriptions

Provide as much detail as possible. Where applicable, include measurements of the item, history of the item (particularly when selling an expensive item such as a car). Also outline the condition (new vs. used). Be honest about the state of the item; don’t be afraid to say the item is scratched or damaged and highlight if you have made an effort.

This part really cuts down on the answering the same questions over and over, or having to show your item repeatedly. If you’re up front about EVERYTHING anyone would want to know about your stuff, you’ll connect with a buyer faster and easier.

3. Images are everything.

Don’t use stock pictures or images from another website. Buyers want to see the actual item if they are interested. Make sure you have the proper lighting so buyers can see details. Give the item a good cleaning to get it looking it’s best. You can post up to 8 images for free on Kijiji, so take lots from different angles.

If you’re selling a car, boat, trailer, or other big item that has a lot of detail, think about making a video. Kijiji lets you embed YouTube videos on your ad. You can give a complete tour of your product snagging interested buyers and avoiding lookie-loos.

4. Conditions of the sale

Again, putting everything up front and in your ad will help you connect faster. Is your item “first come first serve”? What form of payment do you prefer (cash or cheque)? When is full payment expected (upon pick up)? Is the price negotiable?

5. Respond promptly to email inquiries about your ad

Buyers lose interest quickly. Reply to every inquiry. If you are holding the item for someone, let others know that you will get back to them if the sale does not go through. Replying to another buyer or seller while using the Kijiji app is now even easier with In-App Messaging,” an instant messaging feature available on iOS and Android devices!

My ad worked! I sold my hockey equipment after about 10 days to a father who needed some off season training gear for his son who was just drafted to the WHL. That’s about as close as my pants are getting to the NHL. Pretty cool.

Now to try to use that cash to buy a tent trailer for some family camping this summer, and keep the Second Hand Economy spinning! So far, the abundance of ads for trailers have been hard to flip through as many have upside down photos, blurry photos, one line descriptions, no photos of the inside of the campers, no details of the damage or work to be done.

I click once and then click away. Based on my personal experience, giving people all the information they need to make a decision helps everyone involved.

So step your game up!

Here are some things you can grab to make your Kijiji ad stand out:

Kijiji Clean Items

1 iPhone case with interchangeable lenses and tripod mount – To take your photos to the next level!

2 Foldable light tent with 4 colour backdrops – To emulate professional product shots

3 Microfibre cloth – Polish up your items to make them camera ready

4 Spray Bottle to help bring your gently used goods back to life
(a good homemade all-purpose cleansing solution is 1/3 cup of white vinegar, 2 Tbsp of baking soda, drop of tea tree or eucalyptus oil, enough water to fill a spray bottle)

That’s how I’m celebrating Earth Month and trying to make a little extra cake in the Second Hand Economy.

I’d love to hear about the biggest and best deals you’ve scored on Kijiji and what your tips and tricks are in the comments.

Disclosure: This branded content appears in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada.

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