Would You Hire A Manny To Look After Your Kids?[twitter]Those of us Dads who blog spend a lot of our time championing equality amongst the parents.

Dads are as good as Moms is our rallying cry. So, would it follow then that boys are as good as girls when it comes to babysitters?

Not so fast.

In a recent search for a Nanny to come and help out our family, a male applied for the job. My wife and I immediately had a Ward and June Cleaver moment. “Why would a man want to look after kids?” We shuffled the application off to the side, and didn’t phone him for a follow-up interview.

I admit our fear-based headlines in the news gene kicked in. While there’s nothing wrong with a man looking after his own kids, a guy wanting to look after someone else’s kids is somehow suspect. Creepy. Odd. I don’t want to say child-rearing is ‘women’s work,’ but, in a way, that’s what our bias is saying.

Well, New Yorkers are bucking the belief.

John Brandon runs NYCMannies.com, an agency devoted specifically to people looking to revive the 80s sitcom Charles In Charge and hire a manny. The agency believes Mannies are a better way to raise your kids, just not everyone knows it yet.

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