Why Today’s Dads Are Better Than Dads Of The Past

[twitter]Is being a Dad in 2013 harder or easier than being a Dad in 1965? Most guys who subscribe to the Dad 2.0 philosophy say we have it harder than the Don Drapers of the world.


Participation. When you’re a more active and involved Dad, there is more balancing to be done. Back in the day, Dads were self-centered. They worked hard, and the kids were there, but it was really a selfish life they led. They brought home the bacon and felt that was enough to demand relaxation on their own.

Still, while Dad: the Next Generation admits it’s harder to be a Modern Father, they aren’t shy about admitting they’re doing a better job than the old school guys. A full 96% of Dads feel they’re as good or better than previous generations. That’s some cocky bragging, son.

Today’s Dads are better at being involved with the kids to the tune of spending 6.5 hours a week alone with them each week. That seems like a shockingly low number, but when I really think about it, we do have a lot of family time in our household. I’ll take the boys on adventures on our own a few times a month, but I guess there really isn’t a lot of one-on-one time, even in my hands-on parenting.

Check out the pictures below for more statistics comparing Dads in 2013 with Dads in 1965.dadcamp fire

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  1. Andrew Johnson June 14, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Interesting numbers here. It’s sad to think about the number of hours I spend working compared to the quality time I have with my kids though.

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