It’s back to school time. Or, if you home school your kids, is it … back to … um … what time is it exactly?

Now that I’ve got kids in the school system, I often wonder why people homeschool their kids.

I know I could never do it. While I’m looking forward to the days of helping my sons with their homework, I could never be the one to teach them. Same with my wife.

While I agree the public system is broken (it was created to build a generation of people who could sit in rows and follow instructions), I don’t believe it’s so flawed that I could do a better job.

So, without prejudice, I’m going to lay it open and ask the tough questions I’ve always wondered about homeschooling.


Is it because of moral, or religious reasons? Are you afraid of the public system? Does your child have special needs that are better served? Do you just like to teach?

Is it a struggle?

How do you teach the different grades at the same time?  Do you give lectures? How far apart in age are your kids?

How qualified are you?

Do you have a teaching degree? Are you just really smart? Are you learning along with your kids?

How are your kids socialized?

Dances, pep rallies, school sports, different clubs, are a part of growing up in school. How are your kids getting to meet and play with peers?

What’s your schedule?

Do you set up lesson plans, and daytimers, and schedules, and do they get a full day in, or do you just free style? How much structure is there. Where is your classroom?

How do you manage curriculum?

When they’re in high school, especially, there are science experiments that need to be done. Do you buy fruit flies, chemicals, physics tools etc?

When is the first day of school?

I get frustrated that my son seems to have at least 1 professional day a month. More frustrating because I have my sons in a private school to kick start their French immersion before they enter the public system. Do you take professional development days?

Do your kids like it?

Is it all they’ve ever known? Do they ask to go to regular school like the kids on their soccer/hockey/baseball team?

I know not every school system works for every kid, so I’d love your help in breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions and letting me know why and how you do what you do.

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