Why Do Moms Hate Dads?

Why Cant We Just Get Along?

[twitter]It’s been quite the week here on Babble.

Cody’s 10 Things Moms Do Better Than Dads got things going with what was intended to be a Mother’s Day ode turned sour.

When Babble’s Facebook page asked if anyone would add something to the list, dozens of smug Moms added “everything,” while Dads were pleading to be treated as equals in the parenting equation.

Then, when a study found that 3/4 of Women Love Their Kids More Than Their Husband hit the streets this week, the women broke into song again deriding the men that gave their children life.

While many didn’t like the question, didn’t think it was fair, and simply said the love they have for their kids and their husband “is different.” Others saw it as a chance to take a swipe at men.

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  1. Dart Vhater May 28, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    Well, my guess is that those mothers didn’t have good dads growing up. In fact, I guess their dads were so horrible that they hate all men now.

    Truth hurts, huh?

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