Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. A holiday that really tells you a lot about the kind of neighborhood you live in.

Lots of costumed goblins? You have a young, vibrant community. Not so many trick or treaters? Your community is old, and the parents of the young’uns are living in fear.

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  1. Alisha October 27, 2012 at 10:09 am

    I am a huge Halloween nut. We do themed food and crafts for the whole month of October, and while I agree with you that Halloween is really about community building and would love to see the kids go door to door – sometimes in Calgary that just isnt fesible.
    I grew up in Calgary, and the last 5 years has been the best for weather – I have really enjoyed going door to door with my little kids in costumes over a light sweater etc… but THIS year is much more like my childhood – Costumes that have to fit over FULL winter gear.
    My mom used to drive us door to door with a thermos of Hot Chocolate waiting and we would go to less than half of the houses that we *could* have…
    While I am still going to bundle my kids up and hit 10 houses – I don’t fault the parents for wanting to stay warm – it’s cold out there….
    I would actually argue that Trick or Treating in a mall is almost a Canadian tradition!
    Happy Halloween!!

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