where to find last minute childcare for kids in calgary

[twitter]My mom’s best friend died last week. We knew it was coming, but we still went ahead with plans to send the boys to Vancouver for an extra week.

There was a chance she could pass away when they were there, that would mean my parents would attend the funeral, but we were certain some of our other friends of family could step in and look after the boys.

Well, the funeral is today. My boys aren’t with their cousins, or our friends. All of my parents’ friends who may have been able to step in are at the funeral. My grandfather is 90, he’s not going to be left in charge. We tried to put them in day camps, but Charlie is still too young to be in one for a full day.

So what do you do with 2 boys aged 6 and 3 when you need last minute childcare for the day? You call Nannies on Call.

The service came highly recommended by my friends at UrbanMommies, and it was exactly what we needed – a professional to swoop in at the last second and rescue the day.

I called them up and they were super smiley on the phone. They took the particulars of our boys, and what we needed and then went off to search through their database to find someone who could help. You pay your Nanny on Call by the hour directly, and then pay a commission to the agency separately. The Nanny is paid only for the time they are in your home, there’s no commuting time or other service charges.

nannies on callNannies on Call is located in Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria Calgary, and Toronto. The nannies are paid $13 to $16 an hour depending on the city. The commission to the agency is $32 for one visit, or you can buy packages where you can get a discount on bulk call commissions.

Here’s why we chose Nannies on Call: they’re professional. All of the nannies are bonded, certified with first aid, and pre-screened. Many of them are nannies between full-time placement, actors who need a flexible work schedule, or parents/educators who no longer have children at home. This wasn’t a ‘random babysitter,’ but rather someone with the professional skills to come in at a last minute and help us with our childcare emergency.

For the 8 hours we needed our childcare so my parents could attend the funeral, we paid $120 for the nanny, and $32 for the agency commission. It’s not cheap, but comparable to what we would have paid to have the boys each in a drop-in day camp for the day.

As we look forward to the boys being in full-time school, Jen and I have discussed buying one of the commission packages so we can hire a Nanny on Call to come and look after the boys when they have professional days. Even though the short-term cost may appear high, it’s still cheaper than having a dayhome or live in caregiver.

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