Something happens when your kid turns 6 – the birthday shirts disappear. Seriously, we’ve been having a tough time trying to find a 6 year old birthday shirt for Charlie this year.

Turning 6 is a big page turning for kids. They’re on the final cliff of cute kidness, headed to big kidness. You see it mostly with the clothes. Children’s clothes are sized 2T-6T, after that they move to S-M-L. Little 6 yr old kids are about to suddenly become big kids, and the clothes change immediately.

Once they start going to grade school, the motifs change – especially for boys. Gone are the cute cartoon characters to be replaced with rougher sport themes, skulls, and darker colours.

That’s where Charlie is. He turns 6 in January and he’s about to be a big kid. But we still love the little kid clothes.

(Side note: Peekaboo Beans has a great collection of kids’ clothes right up until they’re about 9. They stay in playful motifs and I’m so thrilled to be a PB Ambassador. The boys love their beans, and I love that it makes them still look like kids)

Along with the change in motifs, we noticed something else missing from the bigger sizes: birthday tshirts. The boys have loved wearing I AM 3!, I AM 4!, I AM 5! shirts for the past few years, but we haven’t been able to find one for 6.

5 Year Old Birthday Shirt

The kids are too grown up to blast their age.

Truth be told, we LOVE these birthday shirts for Charlie as a passive aggressive nudge at the parents who redshirt. Charlie will wear his numbered shirt to a birthday party for a classmate and the parents will furrow a brow. “He’s only 5?,” they’ll quiz before they’re immediately shot down with a matter-of-fact “Yup” from my wife or I.

We’re proud of our Chooch succeeding in school. He’s right where he should be and he’s proud of it too. He loves birthday number shirts, but where to find an “6 Year Old Birthday Tshirt?” All the usual retail suspects don’t have them, so we’ve flipped to Etsy.

Etsy has a great selection of 6 year old birthday t shirts. They’re a little expensive than the mall, but hey – you only turn 6 once, right?

Here’s the one we have bought from Sunshine Mountain Tees for Charlie (with white text):

6 Year Old Birthday Shirt

Here are 6 other other 6 Year Old Birthday Shirts we found on Etsy too:

Here’s where to find them:

Revolution46 R46 | medium control | Custom Shirt Prints
design depot 123 | Edward Sinclair | The Painted Tee

Which one is your favourite?

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6 Year Old Birthday Shirt

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