When Your Kid’s Best Friend Is Richie Rich

birthday boy

[twitter]When I first floated the idea of writing a post about what it’s like when your kid’s best friend at school is loaded past the Kid Scoop gang, Casey and Lori immediately thought the kid was packing heat to preschool.


My son’s best friend is from a very wealthy family. In an oil town like Calgary, wealth is everywhere (I tailed a Maserati through downtown last week), and this family swims with some of the big fishes.

They had a bouncy castle in their foyer for their son’s 5th birthday party. They have an indoor swimming pool — a big one. Their driveways is at least 1/4 mile long, and their parking lot can hold 15 cars.

The kid has described his house as “a castle.” And you know what? It is. It’s massive. Huge. When we went their for the first Halloween party last year my wife and I just looked at each other and gulped.

This is where our son’s best friend lives?”

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