Sure, some people hear Laurel others hear Yanny, some people see a blue dress while others see a gold dress, but I can guarantee you that everyone is in the same boat when it comes to spotting a flat – you can’t.

Sure, when it’s dead out of air, it’s easy to spot, but even a tire that’s just 20% under inflated can lead to problems for the driver. Have a look at these tires and to test your skills.

A tire that is just 20% under inflated can cause problems for you on the road. Here’s how:

  • Compromised handling. Tires can’t respond as quickly or accurately. Even if your tire pressure was down only about 5 PSI, your tires would be noticeably delayed in how they respond to cornering and swerving.
  • Increased risk of blowouts and crashes. The sides of under-inflated tires bend, flex and build up dangerous friction and heat that can cause tires to ‘blow out.’ A tire 25 per cent below its recommended pressure is 3x as likely to be involved in a crash. A tire 25 per cent over-inflated is twice as likely to crash compared to a properly inflated tire.
  • Shortened tire life. Too much flexing and tire overloading while operating a vehicle with just one tire under-inflated by 8 PSI can reduce tire life by 15,000 km.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency. Because it takes more energy for the vehicle to roll, maintaining tire pressure could save you almost two weeks of fuel every year.
  • Increased susceptibility to pothole damage. Less air means a harder impact, which can also damage a vehicle’s suspension components.

So checking your tires is important. It’s easy to do, and you should do it regularly.

“We recommend checking at the outset of every trip, but it’s also good to get in the habit of checking once a month or even every time you fill up with gas. It just takes a few minutes and you’re going to be rewarded with tire life and performance, and, of course, safety,” says Kyle Lewarne, zone manager, Kal Tire.

Here’s a quick video I did highlighting how to check your tire pressure and #MindYourPSI:

Here’s a summary of the things you need to know how to check your tire pressure, and remember if even this is a little daunting, you can ALWAYS visit Kal Tire for free air and a pressure check!

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